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[[[Streaming***]]] Tottenham Hotspur VS Shakhtar Donetsk live match 06.08.2023

Still, if I were in Harry's shoes I would've done exactly the same thing. " Would you, though? Would you really? To think this was the club of Danny Blanchflower, a club synonymous with glory, doing things in style and with a flourish. What is the point of playing football at all, when it's come to this? And we're off! The ref crosses himself ostentatiously, waves to the crowd, then blows his whistle. Spurs stroke it around for a while, paying special attention to their left wing, where Chimbonda appears more than happy to push right up on Srna.

A decent opportunity to work the keeper at the very least is squandered. 42 min: Shakhtar string about 20 passes together. Finally they work some space for Jadson in the centre, just outside the box. He could shoot, but lays off for Willian instead; the resulting effort is decent enough but well claimed by the unfairly maligned Gomes. HALF TIME: Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0 Tottenham Representative XI. The half peters out into nothing.

Tottenham vs Shakhtar Donetsk: Check kick-off date, time

Tottenham Hotspur vs Shakhtar Donetsk | 2023 Live Score

" Good luck with that one, then: Shakhtar look by far the better side at the moment, although in fairness their squad numbers, unlike Tottenham's, don't add up to 37, 493. 16 min: Huddlestone decides to replicate the dance routine from the video for Thriller. It's a graveyard smash, but as he's lumbering up and down the Spurs left at one yard per hour, Srna leaves him behind, wheechs to the byline and whips a delicious cross right across the face of goal.

36 min: This has suddenly gone a bit scrappy, almost as though Shakhtar are beginning to wonder if it's one of those nights. 38 min: This is all head tennis at the moment. I hate head tennis! 40 min: Chygrynskiy needlessly nudges Campbell in the back, 25 yards from goal, just to the right of centre. That's a free kick. Bentley sends a dreadful effort sailing serenely towards Pyatov, who can throw his cap on it. But Rat has broken from the wall too early, and is booked for his trouble. Bentley gets a second chance, and if anything what follows is even worse than the first effort, clanking witlessly into the wall.

Does it symbolize the future of Tottenham's UEFA cup run, or is it a subliminal nod to Arsenal, also headed for the trashcan? " It's an Olivetti Valentine, designed by the late Ettore Sottsass. Rather like Spurs, it was all the rage in the 1960s, but has long since been superceded by better models (though it does retain a certain kitsch charm). 48 min: How many times are Shakhtar going to fizz balls across the Tottenham six-yard box without guiding one home? This time Willian breaks free down the left and dispatches a ball into the danger zone, only for Ilsinho to let it sail between his flailing legs.

"How do you know that is a stopped clock? " asks Tony Tyler, pointing at the picture accompanying this report and generally causing trouble. "I think the second hand looks very slightly blurred, which suggests it might have been moving when the photo was taken. " Which is more than you can say for the monkey to the left of it. And we're off again! Shakhtar set the ball rolling. "If we're going to chat about your pictures, " begins Simon Cordery, "I'd like to know how and why the manufacturer of the spiffy red one knew it was destined for the dustbin (along with all other typewriters, except those owned by Luddites) and how and why they chose a red dustbin.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Shakhtar Donetsk (6 Aug, 2023)

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