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[[STREAMING@]] Tottenham vs. Shakhtar Donetsk live watch 6 August 2023

Also, teams start to get stronger by inviting competent Ukrainian players and players from abroad. I'm going in the right direction and I think Ukrainian football will be in the right direction. at a high level. but the intensity increased with the arrival of fast, physically tough and ambitious young players. '' ''I think if a player starts to think about what he achieved in the past, he can no longer progress and move forward. É It's impossible to live in the past in football – a wrong way. You will be assessed based on your current condition. I continue to play because I love football, I have ambitions and I believe that I still haven't achieved everything I want.

In general, I don’t want to spend too much time on emotions, but I would like to immediately get down to business and move on. '' ''after Shakhtar's game against Metalist 1925, in which, unfortunately, Valerii Bondar was injured, Darijo called me in the evening of the same day, we talked and reached an agreement.

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