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(LIVESTREAM***) Man United vs. Athletic Bilbao live streaming 06/08/2023

15 mins: So an enjoyable start, both sides full of energy and verve, Bilbao providing a bit more quality so far. "Guggenheim goers, " begins. "The Athletic Bilbao away shirt has to be the most uncommon handsome garment in modern football. Reminds me of the 1976 St Etienne chemise. " 14 mins: Bilbao are harrying United, no time for the hosts to settle. Very good atmosphere, mostly from the AB fans. 12 mins: Raking ball forward for Bilbao and Muniain is onto it.

Manchester United v Athletic Bilbao: liveFULL TIME Manchester United 2 Athletic Bilbao 3 That's a remarkable end to a highly enjoyable game. It's not often you see United getting worked over like that in a home European game. Athletic Bilbao were superb, the tempo and quality of their passing was electric, while Llorente gave United's defence a torrid evening. The scoreline flatters United, I reckon, but the late penalty keeps them in this tie, more or less. Just to clear up: Nani's boot came off, he played the ball with just one boot on, and that's against the rules. Ref gave a freekick, and Athletic went right up the other end and scored.

Manchester United vs Athletic Bilbao Live Football

18 mins: De Marcos lays it off to Llorente, who goes down in the area! He was backing into Smalling and, I think, probably looking for it. Ref isn't buying. Correct call I think. 17 mins: Textbook holding-up play from Llorente as he controls and brings team-mates into play. An offside. 16 mins: But here come United with Giggs and Hernandez and some space. Hernandez gets a shot in from distance, but that's easy for the goalie.

Man United vs Athletic Bilbao live 6 Augu | Chef Dinner

He has to stretch - not the biggest boy - and he just sticks a leg out. Can't get enough on it, from the edge of the area. De Gea was coming out though, and it could easily have squeezed either side of him 10 mins: Lovely clipped pass for Rooney into the path of Park, who eventually gets the ball back to Wayne. Rooney shoots miles over. 9 mins: United attack but it breaks down. Llorente carries the ball from very deep - they're four on four here - but he's too greedy and United close that down. That could have been a lot worse for United if he had looked up and picked out a mate. 8 mins: United have a freekick down the right and Giggs whips it in.

Manchester United vs Athletic Club: Live stream, TV


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