Stud Welding for New Project

Updated: Sep 1

Takemoto chief editor.

I got something really nice.

Is Mr. Daijiro Inada not here today?

Did he leave? I wanted to show this to him.

Okay, I'll let Mr. Takemoto grade this one.

Mr. Ueda, what do you think this is?

I don't know anything about it.

See, here's a hint.

It's the latest stud welder to pull dents.

Machine to repair dents.

I'm a mechanic myself, so I don't know much about welding.

This can be used with 100V.

You have to see a demonstration to understand these things, so let do it.

I hear I could make a fortune selling stud welding machines.

Oh, I can't wait to see that.

I'm thinking of introducing this to all kinds of people to sell it.

Today, I've invited someone who can teach us.

But even I can use it now.

I just did it once and it's amazingly easy, so I'm already using it.

Mr. Ueda, have you ever welded before?

Oh no, there is no way I have any welding experience.

But this does not allow semi-automatic welding, though.

This is what the grounding are like these days.

Isn't that the one you pinch?

You'd think they'd pinch it. I was really impressed with it at first, too.

This is grounding.

This is already grounded.