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Stud Welding for New Project

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Takemoto chief editor.

I got something really nice.

Is Mr. Daijiro Inada not here today?

Did he leave? I wanted to show this to him.

Okay, I'll let Mr. Takemoto grade this one.

Mr. Ueda, what do you think this is?

I don't know anything about it.

See, here's a hint.

It's the latest stud welder to pull dents.

Machine to repair dents.

I'm a mechanic myself, so I don't know much about welding.

This can be used with 100V.

You have to see a demonstration to understand these things, so let do it.

I hear I could make a fortune selling stud welding machines.

Oh, I can't wait to see that.

I'm thinking of introducing this to all kinds of people to sell it.

Today, I've invited someone who can teach us.

But even I can use it now.

I just did it once and it's amazingly easy, so I'm already using it.

Mr. Ueda, have you ever welded before?

Oh no, there is no way I have any welding experience.

But this does not allow semi-automatic welding, though.

This is what the grounding are like these days.

Isn't that the one you pinch?

You'd think they'd pinch it. I was really impressed with it at first, too.

This is grounding.

This is already grounded.

Isn't it amazing?

Mr. Ueda, do you understand what is going on?

I kind of get it.

This won't even back-burn.

You've had the type of grounding you've been pinching.

Not hot at all.

This is not hot at all. Can work in plain clothes.

Is that true?

I can even work in plain clothes.

Like this dent repair feature, I was impressed.

I'm going to hit this dented spot, and now I can pull it out already.

It doesn't come off at all when I pull it.

It's totally easy to do. Just give it a try.

I know it's a bit sudden, but...

I don't care where you stud weld.

Can you see they are already attached?

And it's not hot at all.

It's amazing how easily they stick together.

And you can pull it off.


This is the fulcrum.

Seriously, it's so impressive.

And if you twist it, you can take it right off.

Can you do it?

Even you can do it.

It would be really awesome if I could do it!

Just press down and push the trigger.

Do I just put it on and press it?

It's true!

Just twist and it comes right off.

There's no trace at all.

Isn't it amazing? I don't understand how it works. It's not even hot.

It can be done with 100V.

And it's 100V.

Who do you think would want this?

It's easy to take with you, and it's 100V.

Who is influential enough to say this is great?

I think it's Mr. Morisaki from Top Secret II.

Body repair division, right?

A legendary presence like Mr. Nagata in the body repair division.

That's the kind of place I'd like to take it and make a video.

I'll bring it next time.

I've never seen a product with this level of performance.

It's so small and it doesn't get hot, even a new mechanic can handle it.

This is just an adjustment here. Setting of 1 since we just used it (max is 10).

I'd love to make a video doing business trip maintenance with this.

You take it with you and shoot it.

I would take this and say I'm here to demonstrate at various factories.

Seriously, let's take it to Top Secret II.

I wonder if Mr. Isami Amemiya does welding work.

That's not exactly welding work, is it?

He's hitting it with a hammer.

Then let's take something like this with us.

Also, do you think people who do drifting use it because they bump it?

If you take it to the track, you can pull it on the spot.

It's interesting that you're pulling it with stud welding on a circuit track.

Wouldn't it be fun to rent it out for 1,000 yen?

There are many other uses.

Oh, you can change the tip.

Yes, you can change the tip in many ways. Wouldn't that be cool?

This works for both right- and left-handed people.

It's a common tool for hooking.

And they stick together so easily.

It's so easy.

And isn't it cool?

I'll just do some simple stud welding today.

I guess it takes some sense and experience to know where and how much to pull.

Now you can put it on like this.

It was so easy to put it on.

You can't take it off.

But it's easy to get it this way.

Isn't it amazing? What do you think, Mr. Ueda?

Looks like TV shopping.

It's a little suspicious, isn't it?

You can't get it off by hitting it like that, but you can get it off with a little twisting.

Seriously, I'd like to hear a professional use it and give me feedback.

I don't even need to polish it.

And the back doesn't burn at all. It never gets a hole in it.

Usually when newcomers do this kind of work, they make mistakes in output or make holes.

Recent steel plates can be warped or distorted if they are heated by welding.

But this one doesn't even get hot, so it doesn't hurt the body itself.

Let's make it a series. Take stud welders to various body shops.

You can easily take it with you. Because it's so compact.

What was the name again?

Ultra Spot NANO

Does it mean NANO size?

I didn't know you could do this with 100V.

Then the first one is top secret.

Let's take it to II.

Would Top Secret II like it?

They might be in for a surprise.

We wouldn't know, because we're a magazine publisher.

I know it's great...

Here. And you can take grounding one if you turn it.

I'd love to hear what the professionals think.

We amateurs can do it, but I wonder what the professionals think.

Let's go get some honest feedback.

Can you go?

If you want a nano after watching this video, please contact Dee's Club!

See, this is how you can go.

The main unit is actually the only one.

You really don't even need a trolley, it's light enough to carry.

Is the next one top secret? Let's go to Mr. Nagata's place.

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