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[S1E15] Wentworth Prison

my only beef with this episode is that it left out the part in the book where claire KILLS A WOLF WITH HER BARE HANDS after black jack tosses her out of wentworth. maybe it would have been too much, or distracted from the emotional impact, but i was kind of looking forward to that bit.

[S1E15] Wentworth Prison


Glenda was born in Rhodesia, before briefly immigrating to England, and finally to Adelaide, Australia, as a child. A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Linscott's most notable role is Network Ten prison drama Prisoner, for which she first appeared towards the end of the seventh season in 1985, while the character became immensely popular during the final season in 1986, despite the show's decline in ratings at that time. Prior to appearing on the show, Linscott gained much research on women prisoners and approached the New South Wales Department of Correctional Services and organised to spend some time inside one of their maximum security prisons. She also did extensive research on bikie gangs, spending a lot of time with real-life bikie Ian Doig who played her boyfriend "Slasher" in the series.[2] 041b061a72

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