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Where To Buy Presidente Light Beer EXCLUSIVE

CASE of 24 BOTTLESPresidente Light is the first light beer made in the Dominican Republic. It is proposed, with a lower alcohol content and a mild flavor that preserves Presidente's quality heritage, is aimed at an audience with character and personality that enjoys a mild product but is looking for the true beer flavor. Proof of this is the acceptance it has enjoyed among Dominican consumers since its release on the market in February 2005.

where to buy presidente light beer

The origins of this beer go back to 1935, when the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana acquired better technologies. Its first years were of success and failure, since the beer was a brown beer with an intense, fruity and very sweet flavor. Little by little, around the 1960s, it was reformed and emerged as a light, medium-sweet, blonde beer of excellent quality, which brought it to the top of its success.

Presidente Light is the first light beer brewed in the Dominican Republic. This proposal, with a lower alcohol content and a mild flavor that preserves the quality heritage of Presidente , is aimed at a public with character and personality that enjoys a mild product but seeks the true flavor of beer. It contains 4.2% alcohol content.

The Presidente is a pilsner beer. Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana manufactures two types of Presidente beers; Presidente Light and the normal Presidente. Both are pilsners and have a slightly fruity aroma that makes the beer unique. However, due to the lower alcohol content in Presidente Light, you will find it less bitter than the normal Presidente beer.

You will find many people who love to have beers. Some love to have lagers, whereas some prefer pilsners. People usually have chilled beers after working hard under the sun for several hours. It helps them feel fresh again. On the other hand, you will also find people who love to have beers with their friends. Catching up on the good old days over a few cans of beer is a great experience.

President Beer is available as President Light and the ordinary President. Although both are made from similar ingredients, their alcohol content is different. The ordinary President Beer has 5% ABV, and the lighter version has 4.2% ABV. If you want to have a beer, always have a moderate amount. If you have too much alcohol, it will harm your body and health. The alcohol content in the President Beer is not too high. Nonetheless, it is always better not to have too much of it. Too much alcohol consumption may harm your heart and liver.

Fortunately for beer drinkers everywhere, when it comes to finding a great beer sampling experience outside of the U.S., the options are endless. In fact, the Caribbean is one of the top picks for this activity thanks to its variety of breweries and easy-going atmosphere. You can lounge all day on a quiet, tucked away beach with a cooler full of great beers and even better company, or find a lively bar where you can indulge with others.

Kalik is by far the most popular beer in the Bahamas. It is brewed by the Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau, Bahamas. The name of this beer is derived from Junkanoo, which is an annual celebration that typically features traditional musical instruments like goatskin drums and the cowbell. The name Kalik (pronounced Kuh-Lick) is said to reflect the sound of the cowbells. Kalik dominates about half of the beer market share in the Bahamas. The brand has also won several gold medals from Monde Selection. Tastewise, Kalik can best be described as light and crisp, with just enough flavor. Try the gold version of Kalik for a slightly bigger kick, and 7 percent alcohol.

Caybrew is easily the most prominent beer in the Cayman Islands. Brewed by the Cayman Islands Brewery, this European-style pale lager is full and crisp. Some describe it as the perfect balance between light-bodied and full flavor. Amid the strong flavors are milder traces, like that of vanilla. Crisp and a bit grainy, Caybrew quenches your thirst while making you crave more at the same time. If you try this beer while in the Cayman Islands, you may also want to try Caybrew Premium Light, Ironshore Bock, and White Tip Lager, also produced by the Cayman Islands Brewery. 041b061a72


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