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Buy Mixed Nuts Online

When you are looking for the perfect gift for others or a treat for yourself, friends and family, no one does mixed nuts like Fastachi! We've experimented for more than a decade to find the most delectable mixed-nut combinations possible. We begin with the Fastachi nuts themselves, which are hand-picked and hand-roasted under our careful gaze. Next, we sprinkle them with sea salt to bring out the true essence of each nut. To make sure only whole nuts graduate into each of our nut mixes, we double-sift all our nuts to weed out the nut pieces. After we ensure the nuts are perfect, we blend the nuts together, carefully considering each nut's unique flavor and texture. The outcome of all of our Fastachi Nut Mixes is extraordinary.

buy mixed nuts online

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How Can I Choose From Fastachi's Great Selection?Not sure which Fastachi Mixed Nuts to buy? Here are some FAQs and How-Tos, so you will know exactly which nuts to select. Here are some of our nut suggestions:

Our selection of mixed nuts is available to buy online in small quantities or bulk size at retail or wholesale price. Packed from 500g bags up to 30kg and delivered to you the next working day in Ireland.

The most luxurious mix of raw nuts, perfect for the nut-lover. These make a hearty and delicious snack that will delight the senses. NUTS INCLUDED IN THE MIX: Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Walnuts. Kosher...

A superior combination of roasted unsalted nuts, these make a nutritious and guilt-free treat.MIXED NUTS INCLUDED IN THE ROASTED UNSALTED MIX FOR SALE: Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Walnuts.

We'll share with you awesome pecan recipes, our fun farming history, brand-new product roll-outs and highlight some of our fantastic pecan-loving customers and more! And as our gift to you, celebrate with 10% off your first online order!

Our deluxe blend of the best Australian and imported nuts, roasted and salted to perfection! Including premium Cashews, Brazil nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Macadamias and Pecans, this combo has a lightly roasted, robust aroma and salty flavour. All these nuts are non-GMO, and the mix has no artificial preservatives.

A fantastic addition to your pantry, convenient roasted & salted mixed nuts are wonderful with beverages when entertaining; beside a cheese or fruit board; or pop some in a reusable jar as a delightful gift!

This is my second online order from The Nut Market and I can truly say the products I have received both times are second to none. Delicious Mixed Roasted Salted Nuts for Christmas and Glace Fruit to die for. Thanks to your speedy service, our Fruit Cakes will be made in plenty of time for the festive season.

Make your next get-together memorable with the crunchy, goodness of premium Mixed Nuts. Put out these deliciously crunchy morsels and watch the party really get started.Truly an inspired feast for the senses: we combined a variety of luscious nuts for a bold mix of textures and tasty treats. Our Superior Mixed Nuts is a delectable co-mingling of California Almonds, Turkish Hazelnuts, Macadamias, and Giant Cashews. Grab a handful and enjoy a heavenly merging of the crunchy, slightly sweet, nuttiness of these delightful Mixed Nuts. Put out a bowl for parties, customers, or anytime you want your guests to feel special. These Mixed Nuts look just as enticing in an elegant crystal bowl as they do on a crisp cocktail napkin next to a cold beer. The perfect way to quell an ornery appetite or subdue a serious snack attack. Fresh, high quality and roasted in small batches, your guests will feel spoiled when you serve them these heavenly Mixed Nuts. Not only are they packed with flavor, they are delightfully habit-forming. Bursting with good-for-you fiber, and heart-smart fats, these heavenly Mixed Nuts make an important contribution to any healthy diet. No need to wait for a party, try sprinkling a handful of yummy Salted Mixed Nuts over a spinach salad, or layer the flavors by adding scrumptious Unsalted Mixed Nuts to homemade ice cream. Toss the Salted Mixed Nuts into melted toffee for treat your foodie friends will think is simply fabulous. Who says all good things must end? Buy these Mixed Nuts ? we suggest you stock up, and you are guaranteed to be well prepared for the next dinner party, roof top BBQ, casual-Friday function, or emergency case of the midnight munchies. Our selection of gourmet Mixed Nuts is sure to please even the pickiest nut eater. We have a mix for everyone! Choose from our wide selection of bulk mixed nuts including our Superior Mixed Nuts, Deluxe Mixed Nuts and Chopped Mixed Nuts. Our Superior Mixed Nuts selection includes exceptional nuts for the nut snob. Our most luxurious assortment includes Giant Cashews, Southern Pecans, California Almonds, Turkish Hazelnuts, Hawaiian Macadamias and Blanched Brazil Nuts. With our Deluxe Mixed Nut selection you?ll be receiving a tasty combination of fresh roasted cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, almonds and filberts. And for those yummy desserts, purchase our Chopped Mixed Nuts. These can be sprinkled on top of ice cream or yogurt and used in baking. Imagine all the nutritive benefits you?ll be getting from our Superior Mixed Nuts, Deluxe Mixed Nuts and Chopped Mixed Nuts variety! Each variety contains such a mixture of health benefits, the possibilities are endless. Depending on your taste or health requirements, you can order them salted or unsalted. For great prices on bulk mixed nuts, you won?t find a better tasting option than the gourmet mixed nuts from Nuts in Bulk. 041b061a72


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