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Jamal Rams
Jamal Rams

Super Trump Lease Software

SuperTRUMP is compliant with Canadian depreciation and provincial tax laws. The software calculates equipment lease pricing using Canadian prescribed leases, then creates reports that calculate GST, PST, HST and QST on equipment finance loans.

Super Trump Lease Software


Ivory Consulting Corporation has been the leading provider of equipment lease and loan software, software customizations and consulting services for the equipment finance industry. Ivory's flagship product, SuperTRUMP, is the proven solution for modeling and pricing complex leases and loans and is trusted by 8 of the Monitor top 10 companies.

We are best known for our TValue amortization software which is the most widely used software of its kind. Over 500,000 financial professionals worldwide use TValue software to accurately amortize loans, price leases, and perform any time value of money calculation. TimeValue Software is also known for interest and penalty calculation programs that are the standards for helping tax professionals save their clients money on interest and penalties.

Fox's Foods, however, meets the issue more directly. There, the plaintiff entered into a lease arrangement with the defendant, under which the latter was to construct a supermarket for plaintiff to occupy. Repeated assurances were made concerning the timely completion of the project, but delay nevertheless occurred, and plaintiff sued for breach of contract and fraud. Defendant argued that its assurances, "even if knowingly false when made, [could] not support a fraud claim since they relate to existing contractual obligations." 870 F. Supp. at 608. The court rejected this contention, in part because the case upon which defendant relied involved a mere unperformed promise, not fraud, and in part because some of the representations were made after the contract plaintiff "gave notice of default under the Lease, and may thus be viewed as intending to induce [plaintiff] to delay asserting contractual rights." Id. at 609. Yet even this case provides only modest support for the result Sunquest seeks here, asserting a fraud claim based upon representations made before the SPA was signed and which were excluded by its integration clause. 041b061a72


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