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Clash of Three Kingdoms: The Most Realistic and Immersive Three Kingdoms Game

Cary, NC, March 7, 2008 - Today a new trailer for Stranger, the fantasy RTS/RPG title from Fireglow Games, has been released. The trailer, available at the link below, gives viewers a first-hand look at the game's stunning graphics, as heroes face-off with vicious monsters in furious battles. Spells and swords clash in this new video for the game that has gamers playing as three mysterious heroes lost in a strange fantasy world. Stranger features a deep magic and enchantment system, and a rich world populated by more than a hundred unique monster types. Players can take control of three characters and enjoy a single-player campaign lasting more than 30 hours, while also being able to take their game online in eight-person Internet multiplayer matches. For more information about Stranger, visit the official Web site at

Judicializing Everything? illustrates how debates surrounding these persistent judicial questions are best understood as part of an ongoing clash between distinct forms of constitutionalism on and off the bench. Mark S. Harding canvasses the perennial debates within the field of constitutional studies and provides novel ways of understanding key disagreements between judges and scholars alike. Despite important formal differences between rights documents in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, Judicializing Everything? shows that there are also considerable similarities in the kinds of cases, arguments, and legal outcomes in the three countries. As political life becomes increasingly constitutionalized and judicialized, this important book sheds light on the persistence of debates over bills of rights and their interpretation.

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