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(STREAM>>>) Livestream: Tottenham - Shakhtar Live TV 06/08/2023

"It's well documented by you lot [the media] that Spurs haven't won a trophy for a long time. But honestly, if I didn't think that Tottenham were capable of winning a trophy, then I wouldn't have gone there and I genuinely believe that. "People will write whatever they want to write but we need to have that focus and that determination and that hunger to be the team that does bring Tottenham silverware. So, that's the aim, that's the ambition.

Live Stream Tottenham – Shakhtar Donetsk - Football - LiveTV

As for the level, it was obvious that it would go down, because the vast majority of international players left the teams. But if you? To look at it from another perspective, it gave young Ukrainian players a great opportunity to get a chance in big football, to play leadership roles in teams. It was the first championship of its kind, and it was a success.

Tottenham – Shakhtar Donetsk på TV & Live Stream

Of course, I don't see this situation as a temporary help because of Valerii's injury. that I worked long and hard to get that chance, even at that age. So I'm happy to be here. help Shakhtar achieve their goals, be useful. So I didn’t think much of it – it was not an invitation, in fact, the conversation lasted 20 seconds. He asked, “Well, Chyhi, are you happy? ready? ” I replied, “I am ready. When should I leave? ” that.

However, the north Londoners responded with an emphatic 5-1 win over the Lion City Sailors in Singapore ahead of their Premier League opener away at Brentford next week. Tottenham will welcome Shakhtar in a charity match to raise funds for Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion. Tottenham vs Shakhtar Donetsk: Date and how to follow This friendly will be played on Sunday, August 6. Kick-off at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is scheduled for 2pm. The game will be broadcast live on SPURSPLAY - Tottenham’s official streaming platform.

Goals and Highlights: Tottenham 5-1 Shakhtar Donetsk in Friendly | 08/06/2023''I am overwhelmed by emotions, it is Of course. – It's a comeback, and I'm very happy about that, but, on the other hand, I understand that the current Shakhtar team is a good one. It's very different from the team I left, so there will be more. a lot of new things for me. But one thing remains unchanged – There is a very high club level and standards established over many years.

I want to thank club president Rinat Akhmetov, Serhii Palkin and of course Darijo Srna, first of all it was his initiative and he played a big role in my return, and also Patrick van Leeuwen because I am sure everything was discussed with him, and if he hadn't given the green light, I wouldn't be here. So I'm grateful to everyone and I'm looking forward to an opportunity to join the team and get started. '' ''Yes, I have been following both the championship and the teams that competed in European competitions. Of course, football in Ukraine is already popular. was reaching a fairly high level before the start of the full-scale war. They just heroically managed to hold on to the previous championship, thank God, thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our military. I think it was a very important decision. Everyone benefited from this: the national team, the clubs, the players.

the level that every player wants to reach, maintain and develop. So for me, no matter what it looks like at my age, this is it. It is a great opportunity, great motivation and obligation to benefit Shakhtar. In general, I don’t want to spend too much time on emotions, but I would like to immediately get down to business and move on. '' ''after Shakhtar's game against Metalist 1925, in which, unfortunately, Valerii Bondar was injured, Darijo called me in the evening of the same day, we talked and reached an agreement.

Now, I think, everything looks much better in terms of investments in football, teams and organization. I have the following impression: the level has dropped with the departure of competent international players, but the intensity has increased with the arrival of fast, physically resistant and ambitious young players. These players will contribute, and the league level will grow. Also, teams start to get stronger by inviting competent Ukrainian players and players from abroad.

É It's impossible to live in the past in football – a wrong way. You will be assessed based on your current condition. I continue to play because I love football, I have ambitions and I believe that I still haven't achieved everything I want. I don’t understand how you do it. can get tired of football. Motivation is greater than winning, winning the next match. And simply give; your best in each subsequent training session. if you motivate and act with this attitude, you can expect good results at the end of each season. Only I look to the future and have plenty of motivation. As for the goals, everyone knows very well that Shakhtar are the best.

I'm going in the right direction and I think Ukrainian football will be in the right direction. at a high level. but the intensity increased with the arrival of fast, physically tough and ambitious young players. '' ''I think if a player starts to think about what he achieved in the past, he can no longer progress and move forward.

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